October 14th, 2012 Fox News Sunday (FOX) Benghazi Basically the video discusses President Obama’s “regime” and the events of Benghazi. With the ambassador killed and three other American lives, the persons on the show… Continue reading

Welcome to Change

October 28th, 2012 State of the Union (CNN) The Economy According to the newest polls, Romney is pretty much leading Obama in most. The critical question: who would do a better job… Continue reading

Welcome to Christieville

September 30th, 2012Meet the Press (NBC) Obama vs RomneyGovernor Chris Christie went on Meet the Press to discuss his support for Governor Romney and why everyone should support him as well. … i. Many… Continue reading

Welcome to Forward

September 25th, 2012The View (ABC) ForwardPresident and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, went on the view and discussed some of the most potent topics in the election such as the economy, education and… Continue reading

Welcome to Sandy

November 2nd, 2012 Gregory Korte Hurricane Sandy and Voting Hurricane Sandy has left her tracks all across the east coast. Because of her, voting is said to be affected in some of… Continue reading

Welcome to Relatability

November 6th, 2012 Frederick J. Frommer Making Connections Voters find it increasingly easier to identify with President Obama over key issues as opposed to Governor Romney. Some of these issue include the… Continue reading

Welcome to Obamacare

September 16th, 2012 Ezra Klein Obama’s Healthcare Reform The ideas behind President Obama’s healthcare plan as well as Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s are similar yet have simply opposing views here and… Continue reading

Welcome to Third-Parties

October 26th, 2012Tracy Jan  o Third party candidates o The third party candidates might actually serve an effect in the outcomes of the election. … i. There are some closely watched states that… Continue reading

Welcome to Supremacy

October 26th, 2012Jonathan Bernstein The Supreme CourtThe next president is said to have a choice in one or two supreme court justices. … i. The winner of the presidential election will have the option… Continue reading

Welcome to Business

October 12th 2012 Rhonda Abrams Small Business Obama and Romney both have many ideas about the best routes to take for the benefit of small businesses. … i. This is basically like… Continue reading